director portrait

Cameroonian born, Violeta Sofia is a photographer and artist based in London.

Violeta grew up in Madrid where she discovered an interest in the visual arts at a young age. When she was eight years old, her dad started teaching her photography and gave her her very first camera and that is how her love of photography started. In her late teens she moved to London to study Media and pursue a career in photography. She started working as a freelance photographer in various photography studios in central London, finally working in a portrait studio where she learned dramatic lighting techniques that still influence her practice.

Violeta’s image compositions always appear effortless, elegant and beautifully lit. She creates engaging and intimate photographs as she connects with her sitters, bringing out the essence of each person.

Violeta’s celebrity portraits and fashion photographs have been commissioned by Vogue, Elle, and Deadline Hollywood magazines and the National Portrait Gallery - London recently acquired a selection of her portrait works. In her art practice, Violeta also explores issues of identity and race. In 2018, a transformation year for women, she was able to expand her profile as an artist as she exhibited her contemporary art work at the Royal Academy of Arts.