director portrait

Originally from the north-east of England, now living in London, Nathan Henry has been working in the fashion industry for just over 10 years.

Having started out styling with menswear as a specialty, they now work with all types of people - as their passions always lie in projects with spirit - looking at all types of authenticity and identity.

Nathan serves as Fashion Director for Boys By Girls Magazine and has also worked with Behind The Blinds, D-Section, GQ, L’Official, and Numero magazines. Clients include: Dr. Martens, AWAL, Netflix, alongside talents such as Jamie Flatters, Matt Maltese, Gene Gallagher, Billy No Mates, Bel Powley, Mae Martin, James McAvoy and independent brands such as Pariser and Joshua James Small. Nathan loves realistic stories which are brought to life by beautifully capturing the essence of the souls they style and collaborate with. Their strong eye for personal expression and celebration of people from all walks of life are the basis of all their work.